Magicus - dust + brushes

Magicus - dust + brushes

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Achieve Miracles!

Create incredible and expressive design with new Magicus Pack.

Magicus is developed for both professional photographers and design newbies. You’ll get excellent reasonably priced images that can be developed and modified by means of fabulous brushes and palette complemented with a host of vivid colors.

Get a unique toolkit containing additional brushes and palette. Just apply them on the image, mix and match and you're done! The textures are optimized in a way you do not have to manipulate them for a long time.

Here you’ll find a great variety of PNG pictures with a transparent background for use in print or on the Internet. Take advantage of magical digital brushes to create glittering, star, bokeh and many other effects.

Unique palette collection - 11 colors. How to be a wizard in real life? Just say #MixPixBox and enchantment is a ready. For additional information, check the video instruction. Print your project for test before finalizing it.

Create incredible and expressive design with new Magicus Pack. Transparent elements working perfectly on dark and light backgrounds.

Superior brushes - 17 pieces for any design purposes.

★This set includes: ★

- 330 images in PNG format with transparent background. 30 unique formations in 11 different colors. The size of each element is different approx. 5700 x 4300 px, 3500 x 3800 px, 300 dpi

- 17 photoshop brushes (stars, glitter, bokeh and etc)

- Detailed PDF tutorial for Photoshop users (with screenshots).

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You can use Magicus with any program that work with PNG format ( Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) Brushes you can use only with Photoshop.

Mockups are not included in pack.